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The Aquaponics Process

In an aquaponics system, koi fish provide nutrients for the plants.  Plants clean the water for the fish, thus creating the fastest and safest growth process available.


A perfect setting for any green thumb.  Featuring a koi pond, year round spring fed creek, and nature walk to a wishing well.



Through the aquaponics process our edible plants are grown without the use of fertilizers that can cause E. Coli.  We are also pesticide free. 


Creekside Farm is gradually advancing to energy efficient LED bulbs for our seeding and planting rooms.



An energy efficient single pump process that is environmentally friendly.

Our aquaponics process involves the use of koi fish.  Our fish are held in IBC's, a pool, and manmade pond.

Delivery (Edible Products Only)


With delivery straight to your door, we offer a safe COVID-19 free alternative to picking items in store.  Additional fees apply. Local deliveries only. 

Creekside Farm is currently building two 96 ft. greenhouses, one of which will serve as an educational site for field trips or other visitors.  For more information on aquaponics field trips or workshops, call Jordan or Amy at 256-239-7460.

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